I often come here just because of "Chilli Parata" and this is some thing I never ate in any other restaurants in NJ and NY. My friends too like it very much. Srikar - Edison, NJ.
We love this place and often come here with whole family as Cheese Dosa is my son's favorite here. Give a shot.you will like it. Ram - Lawrenceville, NJ.
My favorite food here is Rava Masala Dosa and coffee. The prices are very cheap compared to the other south indian restaurants in NJ. Raj - East Windsor, NJ.
Just go for the kill on Thursdays ...Dosa Night.. Have fun...But I suggest they can put some good music and wine... Kris - Cranbury, NJ.
Great food for a reasonable price. "Rava Kesari" is a must eat here. Lakshmi - Edison, NJ.
I recently tried Tandoori Roti with malai kofta here and its really good. Being a punjabi, I love it. Rakesh Singh - West Windsor, NJ.
We were travelling on Rt 130 and looking for a nice Indian restaurant to grab a lunch. One of our friends told us about the veg restaurant Dosai place and we wanted to give a try. We were happy with the choice as the food was rich and delicious. Dosai place offered kids menu too which are perfect for my kids. Lunch Buffet had many vegetarian dishes and hot dosas of our choice. Totally we are pleased with the service and food and highly recommend it to my friends. Radhika - North Brunswick, NJ.
*****(5 stars)
Dosai Place is truly a nice place to eat in terms of food and ambience.I and my family love it so much as we always appreciate quality south indian food. Taste is always very consistent and my favorite is Cut-Mirchi and Keema Idli. You guys must try Chandoo - North Brunswick, NJ.
Perfect Dosa!! I will be here again- service for pick-up was fast and easy. The coconut curry, daal and veggies in my dosa was great. I believe I had a masala dosa which was a stuffed dosa (thin paper-like crepe) stuffed with potatoes in a perfect masala. Be sure to indicate your interest in level of spice. Mild will still be spicy enough, I think. Nadia B - Borden Town, NJ.
The food at this establishment was great! I had the dosas and Idly and fell in love with the place. I was so happy to see a South Indian Restaurant in Mercer County! The service is wonderful and provided assistance with a large group. They did allow us to bring wine and beer. I will bring a group back to this place. I try to make a dosa night with my parents or friends. Prerna G - West Windsor, NJ.
Fabulous south Indian buffet. Clean cutlery and fresh food. Comes with freshly made rotis and dosas. Wish we had this in my city. J.X - San Diego, CA
**** (4 stars)
A thursday night all-you-can-eat-dosa buffet gives you the chance to try from the 30 odd available varieties and does offer idlis and vadas too! Above-par dosas and sambhar puts this high on our list of eateries when we are craving south indian food. Service is a little slow as the help seems limited, and the interiors are sparse and basic - but the value for money is hard to beat! Weekday lunch buffets (with dosas that you can order) at under 8 bucks and the dosa night and weekend buffets at under 10 bucks - does make it a compelling place to visit - albeit, when food is the only consideration! Raj T - Borden Town , NJ
I only ordered a single Uttapam, but I thought it was flavorful and tasty. Three chutneys and a nice veggie/lentil dipping sauce were great compliments. Also, I wouldn't say there are a ton of vegetarian restaurants in East Windsor, so that should be taken into account. Paul C - San Francisco , CA
Great Sambar and a wide selection of dosas! We even happened to try out the weekend lunch buffet which was deeee-licious! Samyuktha K - East Windsor, NJ
A friend brought in a card from the place and we forgot it existed till tonight when we wanted to go out to dinner.Four adults and an eleven year old. We were seated right away but the lone waiter was dashing about filling orders, seating people, diving out take aways, and taking orders: all with a smile and an apology. This is the first Indian restaurant that we have seen such service, graciousness (Harini, Paradise, Myilai take notice) and charm. The Cut Mirchi (stuffed banana peppers, dipped in chick pea flour, friend then slit and stuffed with seasoned onions) was a great starter, a promise of good things to come. We ordered mini idlis (sambar on the side) and they were lil fluffy pillows ready to be dunked in coconut chutney straight from Chennai, paper dosai that was crisp and non oily, Kid's pooris with potato curry (the kid ate her three and ordered a large side order of poori to polish the remaining curry) and rava dosai (compliments again), and a South Indian thali. The latter was a risk because it had avial (anyone who has attended college in Chennai and had the cafeteria avial will attest to never wanting to see that 'delicacy" cross their palates again), and what a surprise. Avial was perfectly seasoned, fresh vegetables and the yoghurt it was cooked in was divine. The tamarind rice was again, low on grease and high on flavour. The potato curry was a bit colourless, the eggplant was a pleasant surprise, given they had used the mini eggplants not seedy old slabs seen in eggplant parm. The sweet, mango Kesari was a bit lacking though. Abhinav provided excellent customer service once the initial rush of take away orders was dealt with. The place needs to hire more wait staff. He was the only one there, darting between 8 tables, one with more than 6 people. We ordered falooda for dessert to try it and it was boff (so-so).. for folks from Mumbai, falooda needs tulsi seeds and vanilla ice cream not mango. Unlike Myilai Masala and Harini, their helpings were copious and they don't fool around with their pooris which are ginormous. A well lit restaurant, a bit stark livened with some colour and light and airy; a change from the garish decor of most Indian restaurants. Another thing is the prices which are reasonable. The five of us rolled out of their feeling Buddha-esque, and all for the princely sum of $52.33. I am told the buffet is excellent and packed... will book and check it out. Definitely not to be missed! Ujwala S - Princeton, NJ
Urban Spoon
Originally we wanted to have Sushi @ nearby Kings, which was closed on Sunday - It was sheer luck that my family & discovered this wonderful hidden gem. Great selection of very authentic south Indian 100% vegetarian food, many not commonly found in other restaurants.The ambiance & decor is nice, the staff very friendly and the prices very reasonable. Only two critical comments:- (i) My wife & kids found it slightly on the spicy side, as they have never been to India unlike me. (ii) I think there were perhaps too many customers at one point, so table service could have been a bit faster in a perfect scenario.Overall, an extremely positive experience, would not hesitate to visit again, even though I live in Princeton with several other Indian restaurants closer to me.. Sebasitan Antony - North Jersey
After recommended by my friend who had visited this restaurant couple of times, I thought of ordering a take out but as I had to stop by at Staples, I saw the sign of 100% vegetarian and could not wait to go in and see the place was packed, luckily got a table as we were just 3 of us.I am really impressed with the quality of the food as it was very authentic. We tried Andhra Spicy Masala Dosa, Paneer 65(my kid loved it) and a Special South Indian thali. The Thali had choice of chapatti or poori, couple of curries, couple of rice items, rasam,sambar,Ghee and the list goes on(all items served in thali were delicious).The best part is Dosa was not at all oily and the items served in Thali were not heavy at all and above all the prices are very low. I am really excited about a nice 100% vegetarian restaurant in our community Foodlover123 - North Jersey
The first thing I noticed when I came into this restaurant on a Friday night was that the place was packed, and ALL the customers (except for my sister and I) were Indian. I took this as a very good sign: this place is probably pretty authentic, and the food would probably be delicious. I was right.We ordered a Spinach Masala dosa and a "Mini Meal" thali. The dosa, filled with creamy spinach and potatoes, was delicious and extremely satisfying. The thali consisted of a pot of rice surrounded by small dishes, like the numbers on a clock. The dishes gave a very good sample of what the restaurant has to offer, including everything from mild dal to very spicy vegetable dishes, and a dessert. (It changes every day, but that day it was a delicious, cardamom-scented carrot halwa.) Overall, I was EXTREMELY satisfied and went back again the next week (it was equally good). I'm so glad that there's finally a delicious,authentic Indian restaurant in the area -- and it's vegetarian to boot! Sharon L - North Jersey
Rating & Review
Perfect South Indian Vegetarain restaurant. We had been there this weekend and the food was really amazing and also we got wonderful hospitality even though we had been there late around 10:00 PM. Gobi manchurian and Chilli Paratha are just too good !!! We just loved it and will be there again !!!.
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Sekhar - South Brunswick

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440 US Highway 130 Ste 10 , East Windsor, NJ 08520-2787
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*** DOSA NIGHT ***


6:00 PM to 10:00 PM


For $11.99 ONLY

1. Andhra Spicy DOSA

2. Mysore Masala DOSA

3. Madras Masala DOSA 

4. Special Cheese DOSA 

5. Medu Vada                

6. Special Rice